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Stephanie Mikuls

Affirmation Pack—Inviting in Magic

Affirmation Pack—Inviting in Magic

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Inviting in Magic—Affirmation Pack

I believe in creating a life you love. In holding your thoughts—in being playful with them—in order to transform your life from the inside out.

'My thoughts become my reality', after all.

The Inviting In Magic—Affirmation Pack is all about knowing that whatever unfolds is uniquely yours and putting attention on that intention—inviting beautiful energies + brilliant ideas + magical moments to flow into your life.

'The energy I put out comes back to me' ——so keep some of these tucked around, or leave for a friend or stranger :) 

Product Description:

The Inviting in Magic—Affirmation Pack is a monthly affirmation pack that contains 31 typewritten affirmation slips, bonus affirmation postcard, bonus affirmation 3" vinyl sticker, and a 'How to Use the Affirmations' card. Each pack is delivered within a clear, acid-free protective sleeve.

Photo and design by © Stephanie Mikuls, 2024. All Rights Reserved.

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